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UPDATE-  We are re-opened now!  We are launching new pricing, services and new look.

We were closed for the summer and are open now.  If you have a package it is ready to use.  Our phone system has been updated and will be available.  Please call to receive your gift of Microneedling with laser assisted 24K gold Microneedling. A $1250 treatment.  A gift to you from us.

(Rules apply)

Cozmedica has been open since 2006.

Located in the same location in Carefree, AZ.


 Botox. Injectables. Photo Facial. IPL. Feminine Rejuvination. Laser Resurfacing. Medical Peels. Microneedling. Microneedling with RF, RX facial treatments. Microblading Brows.

Our Vision

The EVOLVE program was developed so that every woman could have access to skin-changing Med Spa treatments without spending a fortune.

Our Evolve Program

State of the Art Lasers. Friendly and Caring Staff.

What We Offer

Free Botox with our $99 Monthly Membership.

How The EVOLVE Program Works

Each patient will have a complete in-depth consultation with one of our staff members that include nurses and doctors. During this initial appointment we will together develop a treatment plan based upon what the patient desires.

Our Membership has recently changed into a VIP program.

If you sign up onto the VIP Evolve program, you will have access to 30% to 50% off of regular pricing.

As long as the patient does their proper home care, we will offer a guarantee that the patient WILL see positive changes in their skin!

Every member will also get a free month for referring a friend.

Many Women turn to professional treatments that are available at dermatologists and plastic surgeon offices. Here’s why—they can totally reshape your appearance if that's your goal. But, if you are someone who has never had a professional treatment and you're new to the concept of fillers, injectables, lasers, peels, and everything else in the realm of anti-aging, start slow.

If you've never done anything, it’s a good idea to start before the effects of aging become too etched into your skin. Women all have different genetic tendencies and each of us have varied rates of aging because natural muscle movements differ from person to person. Once you get your skin in the right shape using the right ingredients, add in Botox to stop the formation of wrinkles, and fillers to reinstate any lost volume.

We offer a combination of all of the above treatments. We also want to see you Evolve, not try to make you look like someone you are not.

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